Science and Technology

As Berkut Teknoloji, we follow the universal values ​​of science and follow the current developments. With the products we develop, we both facilitate people's lives and conduct research and development activities in areas that will develop in the future.

Simultaneous Agricultural Spraying with Autonomous Drone Fleet
Considering the fact that unmanned aircraft will be the most common vehicles of transportation in the near future, we invest in drone technologies. With the Autonomous Drone Fleet, which is our first project in the field of action, in which the competition is very intense and large budgets are required, in order to follow the current technologies and to establish the infrastructure of our products, our Simultaneous Agricultural Drone project, from the 1512 Techno-venture Capital Support program of TÜBİTAK, accepted in May of 2019. Thanks to the gains and experiences we have achieved with this product, we make every effort to include a Turkish company in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry in the future. You can support us on our Patreon page for the successful continuation of this project.

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Crowdsourcing Based Disaster Relief Platform
Disasters are natural or man-made destructions that have traumatic effects on people's lives. In such cases, it has been proved in previous scientific research that central systems are insufficient in search and rescue activities and that an organized volunteer force is the most effective method to reduce the destructive effect of disasters. For this reason, crowdsourcing-based, volunteers and disaster victims will be matched with each other through a centralized assignment system. The development of the product, which is an application that can be used on its own by using modern software architectures, and an infrastructure that can be integrated into the applications which people use in their daily lives, continues.