Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Agricultural Spraying Drones

Our product, supported by TÜBİTAK, can carry out pesticide application activities with more than one drone simultaneously. Thanks to the parceling and routing optimization, it increases the agricultural productivity by using less pesticides by applying pesticides to larger agricultural lands and also helps to protect the environment. Thanks to its battery and warehouse optimization features, if you buy more than one drone, the spraying activity continues uninterrupted.


Mobile Technologies

Corporate Mobile Solutions

If your corporate software is no longer supplying with your needs, it is getting harder to manage your field operations, do your employees complain about the difficulty of using your systems? Let's move your old systems to mobile by quickly integrating the native iOS and Android enterprise application solution that we have developed into your processes. By this way, you can experience your existing systems with unlimited flexibility of native applications without any data loss.



Easy e-commerce

Our practical solution for businesses that want to sell products on the internet and do this with their own corporate identity which is called easy e-commerce! Thanks to the infrastructure that we have developed, we create your online sales channel by integrating your corporate identity very easily and quickly into our easy e-commerce product.



ERP Blocks

If you need an ERP solution to manage your processes, meet the ERP Blocks app! Compared to bulky and outdated competitors in the market, ERP Blocks has been developed with microservice architecture. Thanks to its modern interface, it can be used on mobile and web easily. Our ERP Blocks product which is designed with the Lego Block logic, provides flexibility and cost advantages only with the integration of the modules you need.


Wearable Technologies

Smart Device Applications

You can now easily find solutions to your changing business needs thanks to wearable technologies. The solutions that we develop meet your needs in extraordinary ways by integrating with AR, VR, wearable devices and assistants.



Disaster Crowdsourcing

With the SAT Disaster Crowdsourcing application we have developed, we continue to develop our product within the scope of our R&D activities with an easy-to-use interface that provides instant communication between volunteers and disaster victims in disaster situations, and with an easy-to-use interface. Our product, which has the potential to respond to crowdsourcing needs in different sectors with different purpose functions, can be integrated into global applications in the market thanks to the flexible architecture we have developed.


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