Work In Berkut Technology

Berkut Teknoloji is a delightful team that develops new products with great enthusiasm and ambition every day...

Peace At Work

Those who work in the IT sector are generally not happy with their work. The situation is the opposite in Berkut Teknoloji. All of our team-mates are part of our family, and Berkut Technology is always based on love and respect.

Continuous Improvement

We have many training programs for our teammates to strengthen themselves technically and socially. All our employees are free and supported to create their own ways of development.

Equal Rights and Diversity

Our differences are our wealth. All employees at Berkut Teknoloji have equal rights. Even though the career journey of each of our employees is separate, as Berkut Teknoloji, we have adopted the principle of supporting each of our employees with the same strength.

Overseas Opportunities

As Berkut Teknoloji, we are working to present our products to the European and American markets, especially the UK. We will collect the fruits of our labor by offering our employees the options abroad.