Before discussing why Nuxt.js, I want to touch on why Vue.js. Vue.js is a modern JavaScript framework. It is a progressive framework that makes the code and operations written in JavaScript much faster.

Vue.js stands out as a highly popular framework and is one of the fastest rising frameworks on GitHub. If you want, you can use the framework directly by importing it into your page with script tags, just like using normal jQuery.

It incorporates the best features of Angular and React.js. It adopts Angular’s syntax, React.js’s speed, and virtual DOM features.

State management and router operations are quite easy and successful. Vue Router greatly assists us in state management.

Vue.js distinguishes itself by being very small and lightweight.

Nuxt.js is compiled over Vue, and we can say it is a framework within a framework. Nuxt.js provides us with a bit more flexibility and speed, allowing us to achieve more professional results.

Some important features that Nuxt.js adds to Vue.js include:

Making your Vue.js applications SEO-friendly on Google with Server Side Rendering. This process is called a Universal Vue Application.

Greatly simplifying Vue.js development processes. With Nuxt.js, you can easily perform many operations with just files and folders.

Using Nuxt.js simplifies our Vue Application development process.

Nuxt.js offers many advantages to frontend developers, but there is a crucial feature that may ultimately influence your decision to use this framework: SEO improvement.

To improve SEO, Nuxt.js uses Server Side Rendering (SSR). SSR fetches AJAX data and renders Vue.js components into HTML strings on the server. This feature provides excellent parsing with the Google SEO parser and DOM elements. When the SEO parser visits the website, it immediately parses the DOM elements at an impressive speed.

What types of applications can we develop with Nuxt.js?

We can develop a Universal App.

The first view is dynamically rendered on the server.

After the initial load, the application transforms into a SPA.

It becomes perfectly compatible with SEO.

We can develop a Single Page App.

The application starts after the initial load and is rendered on the client side.

The application remains as a Single Page Application.

It’s similar to a normal Vue App, but the development processes are simpler.

We can develop a Static App.

If you want to serve your files statically and render them on the server side, this is perfect for you.

Pre-rendered views are loaded.

After the initial load, the application transforms into a SPA.

Since the render request is executed on the server side, it is a perfect SEO-compatible application solution.

We, as the Doğuş Teknoloji – Interactive Web Projects frontend team, have been influenced by these benefits and use Nuxt.js in our projects. We aim to enrich projects that lack these technologies by developing them with such frameworks.

Birkan Özcan Senior Frontend Developer

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